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>> Senin, 01 Juni 2009

This plant is well known from the time of Pharaoh's kingdom. This plant is used for beauty. The Arabs use henna paste for coloring the hands, feet and hair. People are Europe and the United States utilize this as a hair dye only. This is reasonable because in addition to coloring chemicals can cause inflammation, skin disease and even intoxicating.

Elements Chemical Henna

The section used by the plant is a flower and leaf. Leaves the molecule with lawsone elements 2 - Hydroxy -1, 4 - Napthaquinone substance assist the process of induction of biological and medical black coloring.
While the leaves contain tanin and renin which is well known henatanin. Henna flowers in addition to the fragrance also contains vitamins A, B, ionine .

Benefit Henna Plant

Treat Burns
get a burn when the level 1 and 2 it can provide a good healing

Stain Injury
Red nail polish that is able to treat wounds such as eczema imprint because it can kill the microbes in the decomposition process.

Compress the Bleeding
Red nail polish is very effective in stopping bleeding nose

Killing Virus
This can be seen in the healing process in which the virus can be destroyed in the body with henna womb.

Medicine Wart
Generally, the use nitrogen to remove the growth, but growth with red nail polish can also be healed.

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