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Tips On Baby Talk

>> Kamis, 04 Juni 2009

There are several steps you can try:
1. Use the pronoun that is easily recognizable, such as papa, mama, grandmother. Do not use the pronoun I, you or him

2. Give a lot of questions so that the babies learn to remove the words

3. Select the language to a simple greeting and slow. so your baby can understand the words

4. Give a feeling of calm so that it can increase mastery of

5. Use music or singing, do not be afraid to voice your flat. Include the small movements so that gives meaning

6. When the baby go big,use single language. Such as "This fruit is Nana's"

7. After the baby is in the top 3 months, use the picture book and toys to stimulate baby's learning to read

8. Use the polite sentence with the word "please, to stimulate the baby to follow simple commands.

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