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unique of children....

>> Sabtu, 01 Agustus 2009

children can be more intelligent view of goodness and badness,
because ....... they
more clean and pure heart "


Stages Moral Development of Children

>> Jumat, 31 Juli 2009

1.Attachment (0-2 year)
Some of the foundation that can be built in stages is psychologically viscosity between parents and children, the need for a sense of security because the children will need in his life and the security needs of their physical and mental stimulation.

2. Confidence and Independence (2-4 year)
Do not be too restrictive and prohibit as this can prevent the development of life and independence and their self confidence and they will become apathetic personal, creative and not lower them.

3.Otoritas (4-6 and 6-8 year)

Charakteristik There are some children in this age include:
  • Receive the authority of parents and the most close to him
  • Start-sselain people accept the views of parents themselves
  • moral standards-a standard meotoritas parents themselves
  • the presence of parents physically very influential

4. Friends of the (8-14 year)

children in this age is not dependent on authority figures such as the past, actions that they do more motivation to push the humor friend

5. Social morality (14-20year)

This stage makes the children as good citizens. He did a behavior not because of behavior but to follow the wishes of the local community.

6. Objective morality and Deep Heart (20-adult)
After reaching this stage is not easy to provocate, awareness of the world already hold God.


The Power of Positive Attitude

>> Jumat, 10 Juli 2009

Positive attitude helps to cope more easily with the daily affairs of life. It brings optimism into your life, and makes it easier to avoid worry and negative thinking. If you adopt it as a way of life, it will bring constructive changes into your life, and makes them happier, brighter and more successful. With a positive attitude you see the bright side of life, become optimistic and expect the best to happen. It is certainly a state of mind that is well worth developing and strengthening.
Positive attitude manifests in the following ways:

Positive thinking.

Constructive thinking.

Creative thinking.

Expecting success.


Motivation to accomplish your goals.

Being inspired.

Choosing happiness.

Not giving up.

Looking at failure and problems as blessings in disguise.

Believing in yourself and in your abilities.

Displaying self-esteem and confidence.

Looking for solutions.

Seeing opportunities.

A positive attitude leads to happiness and success and can change your whole life. If you look at the bright side of life, your whole life becomes filled with light. This light affects not only you and the way you look at the world, but also your whole environment and the people around you. If it is strong enough, it becomes contagious.

The benefits of a positive attitude:

Helps achieving goals and attaining success.

Success achieved faster and more easily.

More happiness.

More energy.

Greater inner power and strength.

The ability to inspire and motivate yourself and others.

Fewer difficulties encountered along the way.

The ability to surmount any difficulty.

Life smiles at you.

People respect you.

Negative attitude says: you cannot achieve success.
Positive attitude says: You can achieve success.

If you have been exhibiting a negative attitude and expecting failure and difficulties, it is now the time to change the way you think. It is time to get rid of negative thoughts and behavior and lead a happy and successful life. Why not start today? If you have tried and failed, it only means that you have not tried enough.

Developing a positive attitude that will lead you to happiness and success:

- Choose to be happy.

- Look at the bright side of life.

- Choose to be and stay optimistic.

- Find reasons to smile more often.

- Have faith in yourself and in the Power of the Universe.

- Contemplate upon the futility of negative thinking and worries.

- Associate yourself with happy people.

- Read inspiring stories.

- Read inspiring quotes.

- Repeat affirmations that inspire and motivate you.

- Visualize only what you want to happen.

- Learn to master your thoughts.

- Learn concentration and meditation.


Tips to protec eyes

>> Kamis, 25 Juni 2009

Duration of silence in front of the computer sometimes we make eye surfeited, tired so often out of water ... there are a few tips that you can try to keep the eyes remain healthy.

  • Install protective filter on your computer monitor that can reduce radiation.
  • Choose a monitor shaped LCD / plasma which reduce the amount of radiation compared to the old monitor output.
  • Keep the computer with the distance of approximately 30 cm.
  • Leaving the line with the monitor so that the distance to the direction of approach, not too high or low.
  • Set the color on the monitor screen with a soft color is not strong because the color will make the eyes tired quickly.
  • Set the screen refresh at 75 Hz. If using XP, right-click the desktop-properties-advance-settting-monitor-screen refresh and see the fields and set to be 75 Hz.
  • Eyes blink as often as possible with a lid over the goal and keep the eyes fixed in the dampness. If not possible use eyedrops to help moisten the eyes as long as not used very often.
  • Make sure that the incoming light in the room to your computer enough so that the work is not too heavy to find the source of light.
  • Wear glasses if possible when operating the computer.
  • After using the computer in the time period is relatively long kedipkan eyes for 15 minutes once, then check out the room, looking for fresh color or color-tumbu plant that can make a fresh eye to return to its original state. fresh.
  • Last consume food-foods that have high nutrient contents, examined eyes to eye doctors about 6 months to know still good or not ..... GOOD LUCK


Manfaat Hidroterapi

>> Selasa, 23 Juni 2009

1. Berendam di air dingin memberikan efek mendinginkan dan merangsang tubuh karena iar mengerutkan kapiler.

2. Menyeka dengan air dingin serta hangat bergantian, merangsang sistem kardiovaskuler

3. Mandi air hangat akan melemaskan jaringan kapiler pada kulit dikarenakan banyak darah dari jaringan yang ditarik ke kulit selain itu mengurangi nyeri.

4. Berendam dalam air atu pun mandi pancuran bermanfaat melemaskan semua otot tubuh.

5. Mandi dan menyeka tubuh dengan air dingin dan hangat bisa digunakan sebagai terapin kejiwaan seseorang.


Make Children Love Reading

>> Kamis, 18 Juni 2009

Make children love reading? I want ... Here are some tips that can make a little love to read.
1. Navigate to the child things or items that can make the child interested to read. Note the craze and the Small hobby.
2. Place items in your home-related media such as reading books, magazines, catalogs and colorful.
3. Notice what makes he interested, such as interest on certain objects (photos, images, etc.).
4. You can give examples of the Small with the filling in your spare time.
5. The call went to a small library on a regular basis, explore the children together.
6. You can read the events become as one of the activities that have a purpose, or as a way to collect information such as make a paper airplane, vacation planning, and so forth.
7. Practice your oldest child to read stories or books to sister. This could provide a good example for the child to be moved to the power train and read it.
8. Play games related to reading, such as game spell a word using the tools help marked like dice, cards and marked image, puzzle, or board games that require players, especially the child to read in the game.
9. Experience for you to read at the dinner, time or other informal, this may encourage the child in the interest to read.
10. Set the time on a regular basis to get the day-to-day, like 20 minutes before bed, after dinner, etc.. At least 10 minutes reading a day can improve reading skills and habits of the child.
11. Read stories or books for the child to the rough and hard, especially for children who read less ability. By listening to you read the story, this can generate enthusiasm for the child books and reading.
12. Assign your child to read with the hard / rough, the interest in a book, or news that is interesting in the newspaper, etc..
13. Give a gift book or magazine on the feast day or a special day, for example at the time of its Christmas, birthdays, etc..
14. Provide a special place to put the book Small-book. You can make or buy a special book shelves that can accommodate text-book in one place.
15. Introduce child a book with divider pages (bookmarks), given the understanding that if the book does not have to finish in a time, to teach reading and provide perchapter finished reading each bookmark. Do not force the child to finish a book read in a while, especially if he does not like the book. Suggest to put the book does not read the book and liked the other.
16. Some of the children (sometimes the parents) assume that reading the book as a serious activity, but you can change the view to introduce the child books containing the funny stories that can make the child happy and laugh.
17. Expand the positive experience of the child. For example, if child happy to read books about dinosaurs, Invite him to visit the museum dinosaurs, and so forth.
18. Give child a reward if they want to read, at least if they can finish one chapter topics in a certain time.
19. Limit time watching TV for children, so they have time to do other activities such as reading. But do not make watching TV as a reward or punishment if they want or do not read.
20. Not all activities that involve reading books. Restaurant menu, buoy-marked road signs, food labels, cover CD, or anything such as media that we read even though child train in the middle of their busy though.


Mengapa Kita Kalah dengan Yahudi?

>> Rabu, 17 Juni 2009

Yahudi, negara besar yang terkenal dengan kegeniusannya.....apa yang mereka lakukan sehingga bisa berhasil? Mereka tidak mencetak generasi cerdas melainkan genius. Berikut beberapa tips yang sudah mereka lakukan....

1. Pada saat mengetahui istri sedang hamil, sang ayah akan memborong buku matematika dan menyelesaikan setiap permasalahan dalam buku tersebut bersama. Semakin banyak buku yang mereka baca dan selesaikan mereka punya keyakinan akan lebih genius.

2. Sang Ibu akan lebih sering bernyanyi dan bersenandung, bermain piano karena mereka percaya bahwa musik akan menambah tingkat intelegensia anak.

3. Sejak awal mengandung sang ibu gemar makan kacang dan korma bersama susu, tengah hari menu makanan ibu ialah roti dan ikan tanpa kepala dicampur salad dan berbagai jenis kacang. Mereka percaya ikan mengandung protein tinggi dan komposisi kimia lain sehingga baik sekali untuk kesehatan otak.

4. Mengkonsumsi minyak ikan sebagai tambahan

5. Mengkonsumsi buah terlebih dahulu sebelum makan makanan utama karena anggapan makan buah setelah makan ternyata salah besar, buah disini tidak lagi berfungsi sebagai pencuci mulut dan pencahar, tetapi mengkonsumsinya sebelum makan akan banyak manfaatnya.

6. Jangan sekali-kali bertandang ke rumah orang yahudi dengan merokok. HARAM bagi mereka karena mereka tahu betul bahaya merokok apalagi bagi ibu hamil. DNA akan berubah hanya dengan rokok dan asapnya terlebih bagi perokok pasif…Oleh karena itu ada sisi positifnya ketika pemerintah Negara kita Indonesia menyatakan fatwa haram bagi perokok…

7. Ketika anak mereka melewati masa kanak-kanak nya WAJIB hukumnya mengambil kursus musik karena IQ anak akan meningkat seiring dengan kemampuan bermain musik, alat musik yang sering mereka gunakan adalah piano dan violin.

8. Pelajaran Matematika bagian berdagang dan perniagaan WAJIB diberikan untuk kelas 1-6, ini dimaksudkan untuk merangsang anak berpikir logika sehingga kecerdasan mereka 6x lipat ke depan disbanding Negara-negara lain terlebih Negara kita Indonesia….subhanallah..

9. Mereka yang rata-rata bukan orang islam, menerapkan olahraga yang sebetulnya direkomendasikan dalam Islam yaitu memanah, berenang, dan berlari. Ketiga macam olahraga tersebut menjadi andalan sekolah-sekolah.

10. Beranjak ke tingkat menengah, pelajaran mereka menuntut untuk menciptakan suatu proyek sains, percobaan dan bisa dipertanggungjawabkan…

11. Setelah kuliah untuk mendapatkan ijazah akhir, perniagaan dan bisnis menjadi syarat mutlak dan sebelum berjalan baik mereka tidak akan mendapatkan izin keluar kampus.

12. Cara mereka beribadah dan menjadi kebiasaan mereka adalah dengan mengayunkan kepala dengan maksud menambah asupan oksigen ke dalam otak. Sebetulnya kita sebagai muslim sangat diuntungkan karena sholat kita pada bagian sujud mengalirkan oksigen ke otak dan seluruh tubuh….tapi sudahkah kita melaksanakan dengan benaar?

Selamat memiliki putra-putri penerus bangsa yang genius….semoga bermanfaat


Tips Merawat Baterai

>> Sabtu, 13 Juni 2009

Supaya baterai HP kita bisa tahan lama ada beberapa hal yang perlu kita perhatikan antara lain :

Jika ponsel kita berada di suatu tempat dengan kekuatan sinyal lemah ada baiknya ponsel kita matikan karena jika tetap dinyalakan ponsel akan berusaha mencari sinyal dan membuat energi baterai anda habis.

Gunakan repeater jika berada di tempat yang sinyalnya lemah sehingga dapat memperkuat penangkapan sinyal

Jika tidak penting, lebih baik fitur suara tidak dibiarkan menyala sepanjang hari

Ringtone dan getar jangan diaktifkan berbarengan karena ini sangat menguras energi baterai

Mengurangi brightness layar ponsel sampai 50 %. Cara ini bisa menghemat baterai

Bluetooth lebih baik dimatikan saja jika tidak dipakai

Infrared, sama seperti bluetooth jika tidak digunakan di non aktifkan

Letakkan ponsel pada temperatur normal, tidak di tempat terlalu tingggi atau rendah seperti di atas laptop, dalam mobil dan tempat lain yang bisa mengakibatkan kerusakan

Game, MP3 sebaiknya tidak sering digunakan jika tidak perlu terlebih browsing dan mengedit foto, aktivitas-aktivitas tersebut mempercepat baterai habis

Aplikasi lain jika tidak digunakan sebaiknya juga dimatikan

Backlight diatur pada setingan tidak terlalu lama hanya 5-15 detik


Menekan Kerugian Ulah Virus

>> Sabtu, 06 Juni 2009

Ada baiknya melakukan tindakan preventif untuk mencegah hal yang fatal terjadi.
Kehadiran virus sangat meresahkan pengguna komputer. Ada beberapa tips agar terhindar dari virus.Pertama menggunakan anti virus yang selalu di up date dan punya support lokal, Kedua menonaktifkan feature autorun pada UFD sehingga ketika menggunakan flashdisk bervirus tidak langsung aktif.

Antivirus sebenarnya hanya sebagai alat preventif, buka obat, jika komputer terinveksi virus jangan berharap banyak komputer akan kembali seperti semula. Virus yang tidak melakukan perubahan pada registry dan sistem komputer mudah untuk dibasmi, namun yang meninggalkan jejak menyebabkan komputer lambat jalannya.

Sebenarnya untuk melindungi data bukan pada antivirus yang terkenal ataupun hebat, tetapi disiplin anda sebagai empunya dalam memback-up data. Ketika database sudah rusak cara yang termurah dan mudah adalah mengembalikan file dari backup-nya.Untuk menghemat memori, sebelum proses backup sebaiknya data base yang besar dikompres menggunakan Winrar.

Anda bisa membeli DVD-R atau CD-R dengan kapasitas sampai 5GB sebagai media backup anda namun juga ada kelemahannya yaitu hanya bisa digunakan sekali backup, hanya saja data backup anda dijamin tidak akan dihapus oleh virus dan bangsanya.....


Tips On Baby Talk

>> Kamis, 04 Juni 2009

There are several steps you can try:
1. Use the pronoun that is easily recognizable, such as papa, mama, grandmother. Do not use the pronoun I, you or him

2. Give a lot of questions so that the babies learn to remove the words

3. Select the language to a simple greeting and slow. so your baby can understand the words

4. Give a feeling of calm so that it can increase mastery of

5. Use music or singing, do not be afraid to voice your flat. Include the small movements so that gives meaning

6. When the baby go big,use single language. Such as "This fruit is Nana's"

7. After the baby is in the top 3 months, use the picture book and toys to stimulate baby's learning to read

8. Use the polite sentence with the word "please, to stimulate the baby to follow simple commands.


What is Hologram?

>> Rabu, 03 Juni 2009

Shows how the hologram is a 3-D image. When given the right light, the hologram can create an image of 2-D and 3-D.Hologram was created using a laser ray. Sinar laser split into 2, the first thing would reflection of film and the other on the drive directly to the film without reflection. When the hologram film be in a certain way it will appear 3-dimensional image.

Wave laser is coherent, and has a large wavelength, top and valley are same. Holograms can be created using a laser coz the making need a regular waves, does not like laser rays, light waves are not always uniform, so not useful for this.


Siapakah Manusia Tersehat dan Panjang Usia?

>> Selasa, 02 Juni 2009

Pernah dengar suku Hunza yang tinggal di pegunungan Himalaya? Rata-rata usianya 120-140 tahun. Mengapa? Ternyata mereka sehat karena pola makan dan hidupnya seimbang. Mereka sering mengkonsumsi buah segar, buah kering dan sayur sebagai menu utamanya, jarang sekali memakan makanan olahan dan sedikit makan daging atau yang berlemak.

Mereka hidup di pegunungan yang tentu saja jauh dari polusi udara. Udara yang sejuk, segar, air murni tanpa polutan yang muncul dari balik bebatuan. Hampir semua dari mereka tidak terkena penyakit degeneratif seperti umumnya orang sekarang.

Usia 80 ke atas, mereka masih bisa bekerja di ladang sebagai petani, gigi lengkap, tulang kuat dan kulitnya yang sehat. Mereka mampu mengendalikan kalsium dalam tubuhnya dari sayuran hijau yang selalu mereka konsumsi bukan dari pasaran sebagai tambahan.

Selain pola makan, pola pikir mereka sederhana bebas dari stress sehingga mereka terbebas dari pemicu penyakit.


Tips to Save Paper

1.Use materials that can be recycled, recycle the paper used will reduce the need for wood and preserve our forests.

2. Goods such as plastic non-paper, cans should not be used with the waste basket.

3. Donate used books or magazines to the more needy.

4. Separate waste paper waste paper and colored white.

5. Take advantage of both sides of the paper effectively and optimally.

6. Avoid using glossy paper than the expensive, difficult to recycle.

7. Take advantage of the former or the paper to be used.

8. Collect paper that is not used to another people who need it.

9. Save paper by using the paper back and forth on the photocopy or print.

10.Set the document before printing so that efficient place.

11.Make the invitation in the form of small cards.


Peduli Hutan

Hutan Indonesia termasuk yang terluas di dunia dengan 144 hektar, 64 juta hektar hutan produksi, 31 hektar hutan konversi. Hutan menjadi sumber kehidupan melalui sumber daya alam yang kaya serta menjadi salah satu aset yang amat penting bagi perekonomian Indonesia.

Hutan Indonesia bukan hanya dinikmati oleh orang di Indonesia melainkan penduduk dunia. Hutan hujan tropis melingkupi 10% hutan dunia berfungsi sebagai paru-paru dunia yang menyaring emisi CO2. Tahun 1990 jumlah CO2 yang disaring dan diserap hutan Indonesia sebanyak 1500 megaton. Hutan menjadi aset yang amat benilai baik Indonesia maupun dunia.

Peduli Hutan
Kita semua harus berpartisipasi terhadap pelestarian hutan antara lain dengan mendukung program penghijauan 1 person 1 tree atau melalui kampanya HEMAT KERTAS DAN PRODUK HUTAN.



>> Senin, 01 Juni 2009

This plant is well known from the time of Pharaoh's kingdom. This plant is used for beauty. The Arabs use henna paste for coloring the hands, feet and hair. People are Europe and the United States utilize this as a hair dye only. This is reasonable because in addition to coloring chemicals can cause inflammation, skin disease and even intoxicating.

Elements Chemical Henna

The section used by the plant is a flower and leaf. Leaves the molecule with lawsone elements 2 - Hydroxy -1, 4 - Napthaquinone substance assist the process of induction of biological and medical black coloring.
While the leaves contain tanin and renin which is well known henatanin. Henna flowers in addition to the fragrance also contains vitamins A, B, ionine .

Benefit Henna Plant

Treat Burns
get a burn when the level 1 and 2 it can provide a good healing

Stain Injury
Red nail polish that is able to treat wounds such as eczema imprint because it can kill the microbes in the decomposition process.

Compress the Bleeding
Red nail polish is very effective in stopping bleeding nose

Killing Virus
This can be seen in the healing process in which the virus can be destroyed in the body with henna womb.

Medicine Wart
Generally, the use nitrogen to remove the growth, but growth with red nail polish can also be healed.



Be careful as a parent of a child ....
Children will learn if you like him to grow in environments that provide support.
Children will have the goals and ideals if grown in an environment that gives the award.
Children will be merciful and if grown in an environment of love to share.
Children will love the truth if it grows in the ingkungan uphold honesty.
Children will be fair if grown in an environment that respects justice.
Children will respect and sense of grace, if grown in an environment of good heart.
Children will have the confidence and be suspected if grown in an environment of security.
Children will see the world this is very valuable if the growth in a friendly environment.

So Where Will we brought our children at this time? we are parents will be the mirror for them



Some of our body consists of water. Feed lots of water required by the brain and heart that is about 90%. But be careful with our water consumption. Do not easily believe in the water with famous brand, not necessarily written in accordance abortion. Sometimes TDS (total disolve solid) is still high. Or water that you use a water refill? Of course you should be more careful again.

Color display is clear but when its take time more than about 2 days, moss and other similar small when placed in a lightish growing ... because the sun is the main food for small organisms.

It is a good idea to know your uterus or womb TDS of your water consumption, usually if you live in urban areas, such as large mining companies always conduct a survey of drinking water for the consumption of the workers at least 1 year, you can join to take information if not have the opportunity to analyze their drinking water is ....

Alternatively if you do not want to be bothered with the problems and various kinds of analysis, you can replace your water with drinking water pure water. In Indonesia, MLM has developed a special drinking water with TDS = 0 i own or have a tool that can filter your drinking water well, although the price is rather expensive, but expensive in the beginning to be useful at any time.

Indeed, the impact of water consumption that we do not directly visible but have a certain time and the effects of the disease manifold, ranging from cancer, kidney, interference of body's metabolism and many other ..... but how beautiful life, we just life once so better for us to create a great genration
decision in your hands!!!


Ada Apa Tentang Buah?

>> Minggu, 31 Mei 2009

Kapan anda mengkonsumsi buah pada saat menyantap makanan anda? sebelum atau sesudah makan? Jika anda mengkonsumsinya setelah makan maka selama ini anda salah.

Kenapa salah? Kan rasanya kecut? Kan belum makan kok sudah makan buah? dan masih banyak lagi pertanyaan yang ada di kepala kita.

Ternyata..... memang rasa buah itu asam tetapi ketika sampai di pencernaan kita, rasa tersebut akan berubah menjadi basa sehingga ketika kita konsumsi sebelum makan tidak akan menimbulkan sakit perut karena perut berada dalam keadaan basa yang siap menerima asupan. Sedangkan jika kita konsumsi sesudah makan, perut yang setelah mendapat makanan menerima buah akan saling tolak menolak karena fungsi buah tidak lagi sebagai basa tetapi sebagai asam.

Oleh karena itu salah jika orang mengatakan perut saya sakit kalau belum makan menyantap buah karena buah yang terlebih dulu masuk akan membantu pencernaan dan pembuangan sedangkan buah yang di makan setelah makan khasiatnya sebagai pencahar tidak lagi bisa berfungsi.


Super Memory System

Menghafal adalah pekerjaan susah.....banyak orang beranggapan seperti itu. Tidakkah kita mencoba cara baru yang bisa membuat menghafal menjadi jauh lebih mudah dan ringan? Menyenangkan sekali ketika anak kita mengeluh dengan pelajaran hafalannya kita dengan bijak bisa membantu dan memberikan solusi mudah.

Otak kita terbagi dua, otak kiri yang menyenangi angka,urutan, kerja sistematis dan otak kanan yang menyenangi seni, cerita, bahasa. Menyeimbangkan kerja otak kiri dan kanan membuat pekerjaan yang kita lakukan akan semakin mudah.

So, ketika dihadapkan dengan pekerjaan hafalan yang merupakan kerja otak kanan sedangkan hampir semua orang didunia baru memaksimalkan otak kiri, ini akan menjadi pekerjaan yang menyulitkan sehingga sering kali kita mendengar ucapan otakku sudah penuh tidak sanggup lagi menghafal.

Alternatif cara menghafal dengan Super Memory System adalah dengan cara membuat cerita. Semakin lucu cerita yang kita buat, konyol dan tidak masuk akal akan semakin mudah diingat otak kanan kita karena otak akan merekam hal itu sebagai sesuatu yang baru.
Contoh : diberikan kata mobil-topi-kertas ( ada mobil menelan topi, topi memuntahkan kertas)

Jika hal itu diterapkan kepada anak-anak kita, mereka akan menganggap hali itu lucu, sehingga mereka akan lebih enjoy menghafalkan karena mengingat cerita dan tahan lama. Jika dilakukan dengan otak kiri, bisa dipastikan hafalan yang mereka lakukan hanya bertahan selama 6 jam.

Berani untuk mencoba? silahkan.....


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