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Tips to protec eyes

>> Kamis, 25 Juni 2009

Duration of silence in front of the computer sometimes we make eye surfeited, tired so often out of water ... there are a few tips that you can try to keep the eyes remain healthy.

  • Install protective filter on your computer monitor that can reduce radiation.
  • Choose a monitor shaped LCD / plasma which reduce the amount of radiation compared to the old monitor output.
  • Keep the computer with the distance of approximately 30 cm.
  • Leaving the line with the monitor so that the distance to the direction of approach, not too high or low.
  • Set the color on the monitor screen with a soft color is not strong because the color will make the eyes tired quickly.
  • Set the screen refresh at 75 Hz. If using XP, right-click the desktop-properties-advance-settting-monitor-screen refresh and see the fields and set to be 75 Hz.
  • Eyes blink as often as possible with a lid over the goal and keep the eyes fixed in the dampness. If not possible use eyedrops to help moisten the eyes as long as not used very often.
  • Make sure that the incoming light in the room to your computer enough so that the work is not too heavy to find the source of light.
  • Wear glasses if possible when operating the computer.
  • After using the computer in the time period is relatively long kedipkan eyes for 15 minutes once, then check out the room, looking for fresh color or color-tumbu plant that can make a fresh eye to return to its original state. fresh.
  • Last consume food-foods that have high nutrient contents, examined eyes to eye doctors about 6 months to know still good or not ..... GOOD LUCK

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