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Make Children Love Reading

>> Kamis, 18 Juni 2009

Make children love reading? I want ... Here are some tips that can make a little love to read.
1. Navigate to the child things or items that can make the child interested to read. Note the craze and the Small hobby.
2. Place items in your home-related media such as reading books, magazines, catalogs and colorful.
3. Notice what makes he interested, such as interest on certain objects (photos, images, etc.).
4. You can give examples of the Small with the filling in your spare time.
5. The call went to a small library on a regular basis, explore the children together.
6. You can read the events become as one of the activities that have a purpose, or as a way to collect information such as make a paper airplane, vacation planning, and so forth.
7. Practice your oldest child to read stories or books to sister. This could provide a good example for the child to be moved to the power train and read it.
8. Play games related to reading, such as game spell a word using the tools help marked like dice, cards and marked image, puzzle, or board games that require players, especially the child to read in the game.
9. Experience for you to read at the dinner, time or other informal, this may encourage the child in the interest to read.
10. Set the time on a regular basis to get the day-to-day, like 20 minutes before bed, after dinner, etc.. At least 10 minutes reading a day can improve reading skills and habits of the child.
11. Read stories or books for the child to the rough and hard, especially for children who read less ability. By listening to you read the story, this can generate enthusiasm for the child books and reading.
12. Assign your child to read with the hard / rough, the interest in a book, or news that is interesting in the newspaper, etc..
13. Give a gift book or magazine on the feast day or a special day, for example at the time of its Christmas, birthdays, etc..
14. Provide a special place to put the book Small-book. You can make or buy a special book shelves that can accommodate text-book in one place.
15. Introduce child a book with divider pages (bookmarks), given the understanding that if the book does not have to finish in a time, to teach reading and provide perchapter finished reading each bookmark. Do not force the child to finish a book read in a while, especially if he does not like the book. Suggest to put the book does not read the book and liked the other.
16. Some of the children (sometimes the parents) assume that reading the book as a serious activity, but you can change the view to introduce the child books containing the funny stories that can make the child happy and laugh.
17. Expand the positive experience of the child. For example, if child happy to read books about dinosaurs, Invite him to visit the museum dinosaurs, and so forth.
18. Give child a reward if they want to read, at least if they can finish one chapter topics in a certain time.
19. Limit time watching TV for children, so they have time to do other activities such as reading. But do not make watching TV as a reward or punishment if they want or do not read.
20. Not all activities that involve reading books. Restaurant menu, buoy-marked road signs, food labels, cover CD, or anything such as media that we read even though child train in the middle of their busy though.

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