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>> Senin, 01 Juni 2009

Some of our body consists of water. Feed lots of water required by the brain and heart that is about 90%. But be careful with our water consumption. Do not easily believe in the water with famous brand, not necessarily written in accordance abortion. Sometimes TDS (total disolve solid) is still high. Or water that you use a water refill? Of course you should be more careful again.

Color display is clear but when its take time more than about 2 days, moss and other similar small when placed in a lightish growing ... because the sun is the main food for small organisms.

It is a good idea to know your uterus or womb TDS of your water consumption, usually if you live in urban areas, such as large mining companies always conduct a survey of drinking water for the consumption of the workers at least 1 year, you can join to take information if not have the opportunity to analyze their drinking water is ....

Alternatively if you do not want to be bothered with the problems and various kinds of analysis, you can replace your water with drinking water pure water. In Indonesia, MLM has developed a special drinking water with TDS = 0 i own or have a tool that can filter your drinking water well, although the price is rather expensive, but expensive in the beginning to be useful at any time.

Indeed, the impact of water consumption that we do not directly visible but have a certain time and the effects of the disease manifold, ranging from cancer, kidney, interference of body's metabolism and many other ..... but how beautiful life, we just life once so better for us to create a great genration
decision in your hands!!!

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