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Tips to Save Paper

>> Selasa, 02 Juni 2009

1.Use materials that can be recycled, recycle the paper used will reduce the need for wood and preserve our forests.

2. Goods such as plastic non-paper, cans should not be used with the waste basket.

3. Donate used books or magazines to the more needy.

4. Separate waste paper waste paper and colored white.

5. Take advantage of both sides of the paper effectively and optimally.

6. Avoid using glossy paper than the expensive, difficult to recycle.

7. Take advantage of the former or the paper to be used.

8. Collect paper that is not used to another people who need it.

9. Save paper by using the paper back and forth on the photocopy or print.

10.Set the document before printing so that efficient place.

11.Make the invitation in the form of small cards.

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